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I explore nature materially and conceptually.  I exploit the material language of flatness, and the fluidity of ink and water-based mediums to conceptualise boundaries and forms, and to paint from the 'inside-out'. Concepts in my works emerge through embodied observations and my use of materials, making my work process-centric and intuitive. An example can be found in my ‘pooling’ method, where I create pools of water with ink and pigments on paper and worked over them over extended periods. The idea of ‘pooling’ came from my observations of water puddles in my local nature reserves, where they seem to have a life of their own, not to mention the myriads of organisms living in them. These puddles are never static as they move across surfaces over time, simply ‘doing their own thing’. My brushworks are mainly calligraphic with techniques derived from tradition, which I have further developed over time.


Living and practising between the UK and Singapore, I practise through a diasporic lens. The concept of place plays a significant role in my work, with links to geography, culture, and the personal. In my ink paintings, I seek emergent knowledge in the interstices between the natural world that surrounds me, and my Southeast Asian cultural heritage. 

Third Space_Queen Of The Night Revisits The Cold_Cropped 1_sm.jpg

Third Space

Expanding Stone_Equipoise (Cropped)_edited_edited.jpg

secret visibility


Ancient Equipoise

Expanding Stones

In The Midst

Journal of time 2 ed_edited.jpg

Journal of time


The Listener

thin green HQ (2).jpg

Figurative Scents

Weird Bird 

Poetic Regeneration 1_edited.jpg

Poetic Regeneration

Within It Lies the Colossal series Twister.jpg


Wild Grace At its Own time 962 kb.jpg

Wild Grace

Florelations (orange).jpg





Four of a Kind

20211003_124730-1 sm.jpg


The Case Of An unusual presence

extract 4.jpg

Marcescence, a boundless moment


The importance
of bee-ing

20211003_124740-1 med.jpg

Colliding worlds

Orangcheenabukancheena 11 sm.jpg
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