The Case Of An Unusual Presence

The Case of an Unusual Presence is an incident of re-storying an ubiquitous weed. The irony of this story lies in the fact that one often lose sight of the protagonist. Where did it go? It was here a minute ago?

What have I seen and would I remember it again? Would it still be as fun as it was before or have I lost it all over again ? Wait for it , wait for it ...and poof! Now what did I say?

In my past life I could fly. 41 X 51 cm (Double panels)

Me and Burdock go way back. 28.5 X 60 cm

Was here when you came ... was gone when you left. 

50.6 cm x 30.5 cm

What I will be again will be as fun as what I once was. 51 X 41 cm

Wait for it.. wait for it... poof ! 31.2 cm x 28.8 cm

This is a lifestyle choice. 51 X 41 cm (Double panels)

A lion watches over its pride 51 X 41 cm (Double panels)

Would you like me more if I had Wifi ? 29 X 37.5 cm 

And you thought I was an ugly duckling.

51 X 41 cm (Double panels)

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