Double panels

Chinese ink on watercolour paper 

pair2top med.jpg
pair2bottom med.jpg

And You Thought I Was An Ugly Duckling
51 (H) X 41 (W) cm 

pair4top med.jpg
pair4bottom med.jpg
pair5top med.jpg
pair5bottom med.jpg

This Is A Lifestyle Choice
51 (H) X 41 (W) cm

pair3bottom med.jpg
pair1top med.jpg
pair3bottom med.jpg

In My Past Life I Could Fly
41 (H) X 51 (W) cm 

pair1bottom med.jpg

A Lion Watches Over Its Pride
51 (H) X 41 (W) cm 

I Believe It's Going To Rain Today
51 (H) X 20.8 (W) cm