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Transparent voices

Chinese ink on watercolour paper 

This is an on-going series that I had started a long time ago. Amazed by how insignificant they might appear to most people on a daily basis eg. along the sidewalks, in cemeteries, under the bridge, they thrive ever so silently in the background.


Transparent Voices.jpg

Transparent Voices
38(H)  x  122(W) cm


20211109_151412_remastered-1 sm_edited.j

Soft Murmurs
19(H)  x  14(W) cm

20211109_151359_remastered-1 sm_edited_e

Silent Blooms
19 (H)  x  14(W) cm


Silent Words 1_edited_edited.jpg

Silent Words I
(H)  x  (W) cm


Silent Words 2_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Silent Words II
(H)  x  (W) cm


IMG_20190706_030043 med_edited.jpg
IMG_20190706_025927 med_edited_edited_edited.jpg
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