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Wild Grace

Chinese ink and water-based mediums on paper

Into The Wild Blue p1.jpg
Into The Wild Blue p2.jpg
Into The Wild Blue p3.jpg

Into The Wild Blue
41.6 (H)  x  23 (W) cm each panel

Wild Grace Over the hedge ed_edited.jpg

Over The Hedge
55.5(H)  x  76(W) cm

Wild Grace The little world they know_edited.jpg

The Little World
50(H)  x  70(W) cm

Wild Grace On the inside.jpg

On The Inside
51 (H)  x 76.2cm (W)

Wild Grace At its Own time 962 kb.jpg

At Its Own Time
51(H) x 76.2cm (W)  

Wild Grace sq.jpg

Wild Grace 
40.5 (H)  x  40.5 (W) cm

Lost Paradise
40.5 (H)  x  40.5 (W) cm

Wild Grace Quietude_edited.jpg

40.5 (H)  x 40.5 (W) cm

Wild Grace Inhabitants.jpg

51 (H)  x  71 (W) cm

Wild Grace series (2)_edited.jpg

Wild Grace 2
(H)  x  (W) cm

Wild Grace 3

Wild Grace 3
(H)  x  (W) cm

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