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INdifferent Independency

Chinese ink and water-based mediums on paper 

In-Convenience Store.jpg

"Indifferent-Interdependency" focuses on the complex, symbiotic relationship between flora and fauna, and their relationship with us. In my work, boundaries between flora and fauna merge and collapse, their immediate physical and visual spaces becomes at once clear yet ambiguous. Both entities appear to morph into a single unit in a format of a strange montage. They probably have no concept of the larger picture, and increasingly we don't either. Amidst this chaotic interaction between subject matter, subjectivity, material, and materiality, there seems to exist a clear sense of purpose, that of survival, for both the flora and fauna. Yet in this clarity, their purpose transcends beyond self-serving to one that is altruistic, one that is interdependent on each other. Where do we place ourselves in this beautiful melody of natural existence? I suppose we are part of their world, but how are we contributing to it? As we continue to exist within this world, it is perhaps best to re-evaluate our attitude, particularly our indifference towards it, if we hope to still see ourselves in it.

In-Convenience Store
49.5 (H)  x 70 (W) cm


The Quietest Big Bang.jpg

The Quietest Big Bang
41 (H)  x 50.5 (W) cm

Out of Sight, Out of Mind.jpg

Out of Sight, Out of Mind
49.5 (H)  x 30(W) cm

20211001_141740-1 med.jpg

Indifferent Interdependency 1
30 (H)  x 30(W) cm

20211001_141751-1 med.jpg

Indifferent Interdependency 2
30(H)  x 30(W) cm

20211003_124730-1 med.jpg

Tea For Two Sir?
(H)  x (W) cm

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