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WeiRd Bird series 

Chinese ink and water-based pigments on paper

I am always very interested in the inherent liveliness and living moments of organisms in the natural world.  It is an impossible task to comprehend the embodied lives of other living beings - What do they think and feel? How do they comprehend thoughts and emotions? What do they talk about, dream about? How do they live with giants like us who's always in their way? Would an ant or a ladybug know what we are and what we are about? Have they any idea that we are constantly watching them? Have they any idea that some of us adore them whereas some of us rather they don't exist?

Weird Bird In Repose_edited.jpg

Weird Bird in Respose

30(H) x 22(W) x cm


Weird Bird: Existential Moment II

(H) x (W) x cm [tbc]

D Bird 2_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

What Do Birds Dream of ?

105(H) x 68(W) x cm 

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