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The Lost Peranakan Reimagined


Installation View


The Lost Peranakan

PXL_20220306_234357799 ed.jpg

Light Conversation

IMG_20191028_184158 med.jpg

Lost object

Lost  in translation

flipped horizontally.png

Ghostly Whispers

ocbc plants sm (21).jpg

Chinese But not Chinese

Patio paint small.png

stain and shadow

closeup .jpg

Irony of Blessing : Motifs

Copy of The Mythological Bird Came To Visit Me By Posting Itself In Conveniently Sized Env

Irony of Blessing : Mythological bird

Infinite Loop Name Lantern.jpg

A Different Kind of Space 

weight of a moving needle med.jpg

Weight Of A Moving Needle


Absent Bodies

The Case of an Unusual Presence- Wait for it.. wait for it... poof ! 31.2 cm x 28.8 cm sm.

Case of An Unusual Presence : Window Without Roots

extract 4.jpg

Case of an unusual presence : Marsescence

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