Mythological Bird Series

Chinese ink, acrylic paint, & colour inks on watercolour paper

The Mythological Bird's Raining Blue sm.

The Mythological Bird's Raining Blue
150.5 (H) x 58.5 (W) cm

The Complicated and Illogical Progressio

The Irony of the Mythological Bird

in a Garden Full of Blessings

99( H) x 68 ( W) cm

These are my attempts at comprehending the irony of bountiful blessings on the Peranakan culture. One of the motifs often found on many Peranakan objects was the Eternal Knot. Its intertwining lines flow in a closed pattern, symbolising the interrelation between all phenomena. It expresses the union of the spiritual, human compassion and wisdom, and a necessary bind that creates harmony in our universe. I am still working on the interaction between the mythological bird and common motifs such as these.




The Mythological Bird Came To Visit Me B

The Mythological Bird Came To Visit Me By Posting Itself
In Conveniently Sized Envelopes
140 (H)  X 185 (W) cm


Experimenting with shredding the image to free it from its static form

Phoenix Collage

Video 1 min 17 sec (looping)