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In my recent series 'Ancient Equipoise' and 'Journal of Time', I seek to represent primordal plant life when they first emerged. It was a time and space that can only be imagined, a place we can never go back to, a lost paradise. This sense of lost is a constantly recurring phenomenon, a condition that is inextricably connected to change.  Many factors determine how things change and develop, and human intervention being one of many. In these series, I indulge in looking closely at the visual relationship between the various clusters, types and forms of plants, in terms of how they exist as individual entities yet symbiotically interwoven with each other, in terms of providing nutrients, shelter, and enabling certain conditions to exist that benefit their surrounding plant types. 

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I am currently undertaking a practice-based research that focuses on lost materials/objects belonging to my culture (a hybridised community in Southeast Asia known as the Peranakans). I focus on ideas of absence, memories, and obsolescence through the reimagination and reinterpretation of these objects with the hope of continuing their legacies in our changing world. I believe that every material/ object we create, own, or use, inevitably reflect aspects of human thoughts, desires and aspirations. It is interesting to see how some materials/ objects have resisted change, or have been modified and shaped by changing attitudes and beliefs over time, while some have faded or are silently fading into the background.