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'Lost' as a topic of interest, has been an on-going project for me - lost identity, lost knowledge, lost spaces, lost as found, lost narratives,  the forgotten/displacement/invisible as lost.

Some of my 'lost' projects include:

- Lost heritage (The Lost Peranakan Re-imagined -'Peranakan Whispers', 'Chukop', 'Ghost Embroidery', 'Light Conversation', 'Absent Bodies', Chinese But Not Chinese)

- Lost attention (on education, such as Pulling Grass, Breathing Space, nature-related works such as 'Secret Visibility', 'Transparent Voices', 'Ancient Equipoise', 'Expanding Stones', 'The Listener', collaborative projects such as 'Got Your Name  Or Not', and Texting Red and Green). 

- Lost spaces ( The 'Sungei Market Art Project', developed by  The Artists Company, and collaborative project such as the 'Terra Fermata' soil project ).

Last year, I completed my practice-based research, focusing on lost materials from a hybridised community in Southeast Asia known as the Peranakans. I explored the ideas of absence, memories, and obsolescence through the reimagination and reinterpretation of these objects with the hope of continuing their legacies in our changing world. I believe that every object we create, own, or use, inevitably reflect aspects of human thoughts, desires and aspirations. It was interesting to see how some materials/ objects have resisted change, or have been modified and shaped by changing attitudes and beliefs over time, while some have faded or are silently fading into the background. 

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