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Third Space:
Queen Of The Night Revisits in the cold
[Work In Progress]

Chinese ink and water-based mediums on paper

I am fascinated by impenetrable spaces. One of such spaces, is from within another body that is not my own, like that of a plant or an animal. This way of thinking  partially stemmed from my cultural upbringing that everything around us have a kind of consciousness that we have no privy to. Queen of the Night or Tan Hua [曇花] was my great grandmother's favourite flower. This elegant flower opens once a year and only at midnight, much to the anticipation of our close neighbours, who would all joined us as we watched the flowers' unbelievable displays. When I was a child, I used to stare in horror as no fewer than 13 flowers opened all at once right in front of my eyes. I called them 'monster flowers'. The fear dissipated and turned into admiration as I grew older. So far I have not seen them in the UK, so I created this third space where they can continue to grow. They are now accompanied by wild shrubs surrounding where I now live.


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