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Chinese ink and acrylic paints on rice paper

The idea behind this series stemmed from a strong desire to pause for a moment, to allow myself time and space to be present with a 'still' object. In this case, I had chosen onions as they stood out as one of the smallest objects within my surrounding then. I was fascinated by the intricacy of its structure despite its almost insignificant physical presence. I liked how it turned out to be, quietly growing amidst the daily happenings. I wanted so much to simply observe it without distractions from the everyday noises. The titles resonate with my yearning for stillness and the constant thought of going back to it, hence "On(ion)" - a play on the pronunciation of 'on'(Un) as in 'undoing'  and 'ion', a suffix which denotes an action or a condition. The long titles are deliberate and they put a playful spin on my experience with the onions.

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