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In her practice, Jennifer aims to create a space where visuality and materiality are inextricably interwoven, where markings and imprints function as visceral invitation into otherwise inaccessible complexities.
Through the use of embodiment aesthetics, she engages in practice-led, process-oriented explorations. In many of her works, she uses Chinese ink and imageries of the natural world as metaphorical embodiment of her personal narratives, culture, and place. 
Using materials and materiality derived from several practice trajectories associated with her eclectic cultural experiences, she explores the phenomena of presence /existence, absence, loss/lost, and transformation.  Jennifer's multifaceted practice invites consideration of her works as connecting fragments and each work as part of a continuum.
Some examples are: lost heritage, lost attention, and lost spaces. She considers these phenomena layered and complex, their significance sometimes misplaced or forgotten, yet, they are in no way invisible.

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