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Practise Till We Meet

Esea Contemporary, Manchester , United Kingdom Curated by Hanlu Zhang Asia-Art-Activism Asian Feminist Studio for Art and

Research Audrey Albert Isaac Chong Wai

Mimian Hsu

Liu Weiwei Koki Tanaka

Art notes : I lost time sitting in traffic before I managed to catch the tail end of ‘Practise Till We Meet’ at Esea Contemporary in Manchester. Thankfully, the disappointment of lost time did not last too long. Upon entering the gallery, I was instantly distracted from the nagging annoyance of being so late. Distraction is good, at least in this case. My attention was taken away and towards something more intriguing. I was staring at imageries that were almost instantly relatable, some tangentially so - diaspora, immigration, home(less)ness, belonging and lost, past-present-future (dis)continuum, (dis)embodiment. Slow-motion/ quasi-dance routines, contesting boundaries, intimate disclosures that stab right into the heart of the marginalised and discriminated, bureaucratic complexities, hidden histories… chatters that could go on indefinitely, and silently, possibly more so if left unattended. Several threads run in tandem while others diverge, they were renditions of imagined futures. What a brave place to be at! I felt as if I was looking into multiverses that resonated with mine on many levels but with distinct differences at the same time. To me, these worlds have become more imaginable through their artistic incarnations. It was the ‘lostness’ in their respective permutations that stood out vividly for me. Lost narratives demanding discursive forms, lost entities, lost journeys charting new routes. What I have gathered in my short visit (still wishing to see more), is that there are many reasons to continue these conversations – the inherent concern of ‘being’ in this world (being self, being with others, being 'others'). @eseacontemporary #eseacontemporary #contemporaryart #contemporaryartresearch #practiceledresearch #manchestercontemporaryart #manchester #postphdartlife #cloudintheforeststudio


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