Practice-based research

Birmingham City University, United Kingdom

I received my first formal art education at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Singapore), where I was trained in the mediums of traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy and seal-carving. I have not turned back since.

Over the years, I adopted a multidisciplinary, process-centric approach, working with other mediums. I believe in the narrative potentiality of materials, and  that every material speaks in ways that others cannot. In my works, I use diverse materials to articulate conditions of formation /growth /regeneration, as well as disintegration/ decay. Through different art forms /materials /techniques, I seek to explore the diversity and complexities of the cultural and natural phenomena around us, with the hope of transforming them into new understandings. 

I have exhibited and presented my art works and research works internationally in physical venues and online platforms, which include museums, galleries, art centres and universities in Singapore, Australia, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

What I am currently working on:




I am currently working on a few series, 'Colossal' , 'The Listener' and 'Transparent Voices'. These series focus on the monumentality of unassuming lifeforms in our natural world -  an entire universe within a crack in the rock, a quietly germinating seedling, a resilient bloom in the cold. I love going for walks around the countryside and at the nature reserves around me. They are never just walks, but immersive portals of subliminality, where I see my miniscule existence within the expansive biosphere. Using water-based for these nature-inspired works, I explore, define, undefining and refine boundaries I observed in nature, materiality and metaphorically. 

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I am currently undertaking a practice-based research that focuses on lost materials/objects belonging to my culture (a hybridised community in Southeast Asia known as the Peranakans). I focus on ideas of absence, memories, and obsolescence through the reimagination and reinterpretation of these objects with the hope of continuing their legacies in our changing world. I believe that every material/ object we create, own, or use, inevitably reflect aspects of human thoughts, desires and aspirations. It is interesting to see how some materials/ objects have resisted change, or have been modified and shaped by changing attitudes and beliefs over time, while some have faded or are silently fading into the background. 

Master degree in Art Education

Bachelor of Arts 

Diploma in Art Education

National Institute of Education, Singapore

Diploma in Fine Arts

Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore