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Infinite Bird : The BIrd That Never Landed

Video with digital manipulated bird whistles (by Music By Numbers)

This is the story about the Infinite bird, Phoe. Having lived 600 years, chronological time no longer makes sense to her. This time, she started to notice her tattered and fraying feathers. It was horribly uncomfortable; she did not feel like herself anymore. She used to look gorgeous, colourful and regal, but she felt the need to carry on despite whatever is happening to her. With unyielding determination, she would tend to her wings every night by licking her feathers, straightening and patching together bits that were precariously hanging on its ends. She continued patching through the damage and as a means to stop herself from further disintegration. Her persistent efforts soon paid off and she was able to hold her frail frame together, and she flew fly. For another 600 years, she travelled all around the world…but never once landed.

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