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Thing-ing series

Cement, plaster & found materials

Preoccupation (1).jpg

National Institute of Education Art Gallery  

Bill Brown (2001) states that a thing is temporalized as the before and after of the object.  A thing exists before an object is formed, and again becomes a thing when it ceases to be an object, for example in the instance of an object that breaks down or malfunctions. He mentioned that an object is transparent while a thing is opaque. If we focus on interacting with the materiality of a 'thing', we would be able to access the full condition of this material than otherwise. Whether we realise it or not, we are constantly surrounded by many things regardless of where we are and our relationship with them. We definitely own and need many things for our day-to-day operations.

This work seeks to explore the dis-connections between things and objects by studying the trajectory of the object-yet-to-become to the state of non-objectness.

Preoccupation (3).jpg
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