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Red and green

UV Light sticks and mobile phones

Participatory Art
Stamford Arts Centre
Organised by the Wu Wei Performance Series

Communication is the act of conveying meanings from one to another using mutually understood signs and symbols. As sentient beings, we exchange information by speaking, writing or through other mediums. In our performance (TAC), we explore the liminal state in communication between individuals through the common system of texting. Using mobiles, demarcated groups of visitors will be invited to participate actively by responding to text instructions throughout the performance. Using the familiar medium of the Whatsapp Group Chat, we seek to release it temporarily from the dross of practicality and information sharing. Through subjugating its use as a tool of instruction and delivery of information; there is also the catharsis of our antagonistic relationship with this technology. We imagine that this use of technology can instead allow people to rely on non-verbal cues. Often times, the precariousness of texting lies in the gaps that occur when communicating, associating with assumptions and transfers that get lost in translation. The performance oscillates between connection and alienation, creating artificial boundaries between people while making links through text messages. In response to the seemingly nebulous link with technology,  we attempt to create an interactive platform which seeks to fill in the gaps left behind by the false connectedness of instant messaging. 

Photography by Marcus Che

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