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Pulling grass to make it grow

Installation art with Elastic cords & dye
Variable dimensions

Singapore Art Museum

This work is a metaphor for the pressures and demands faced by our learners in the current education system. I explored the concept of time and stress by completing each crochet row within a time-frame of five minutes. Like tender young blades of grass under pressure, they were ‘stretched’ and compelled to grow too quickly and often before their due time. What are we compromising? But, does stretching grass actually make it grow? What would happen instead, if we allow grass to grow at its own pace? This work questions the value of and implication of our current education systems. This work was exhibited at the Yavuz Fine Arts ‘Between Conversations’, the Singapore Art Museum 'Unearthed' at and Ion Gallery ‘Waxing, Waning’ .

stretched grass closeup.jpg
Pulling Grass pic.jpg
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