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Our Children

Improvisational Performance art


Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
Esplanade Theatres by the Bay
With Tang Da Wu and Station House da Opera

Through the symbolic gesture of stitching, “ 一针一线”, which literally means “one needle, one stitch ”, the work included a tapestry which was created painstakingly over a slow, dedicated process. Such a process may be associated with a true labour of love, the appreciation and love for everything in the world. The entire work entails highly responsive processes of discussion, negotiation, execution and improvisation,
and members of the group take turns to toil over the piece for months at the Esplanade Concourse leading up to the performance day. T he image of the mother sheep nursing her young, epitomizes what it means to nurture and to educate the next generation, by imparting knowledge and skills to the children. Performed by
educators, parents, children and students, this work speaks of the importance of nurturing and educating our future generations.


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