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Nero De Sepia

Performance art + Installation

Someone recommended me to try ‘Nero De Sepia’- black squid ink pasta at an Italian restaurant in Venice. Soon I found myself dabbling in the substance that resembled Chinese painting ink. I managed to made prints out of it. On some yellowish brown paper I had preserved for years, I created spirals and swirls, the outcomes were unbelievably satisfying. This was followed by an impromptu public performance when my face became a canvas for the other artists to ‘paint’ on. Making spontaneous marks using the squid ink, we created a big mess with stains all over the white table cloths. We were expecting to receive a negative response from the restaurant manager. Much to our surprise, the chef and manager of the restaurant called out to the other kitchen staff to watch what we were doing, giving us the support we much needed.

Nero De Sepia, 2016, Performance Art & M
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