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Buang Suay

Performance art 

Wu Wei Performance Art Series
51 Waterloo Street

A collaboration with Deborah Ong and Wilson Goh

When you are Suay (unlucky) , you need to Buang Suay. This expression means to remove bad luck. Suay ness can vary from having a bad hair day, missing the bus to work, to more unfortunate events like losing your job and facing a relationship crisis, and then losing all your hair. Whoa,  damn suay. The idea of 'Buang Suay ' grew out of the strong inclination to counteract daily negativity. Every day, impurities build up on the surface of our perception and alter the quality of our life. These impurities include pollutants that challenge our psycho immune system by weakening. Gentle deep cleansing on a regular basis preserves not just our sanity but also the cutaneous barrier that protects the human spirit from external attacks.

Photography by The Fave Archive

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