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Ink bubbles on Chinese ink paper


‘Homecoming: Chen Wen Hsi Exhibition @ Kingsmead’
Performance Art/ Participatory Art
A Collaboration with Deborah Ong and Adrian Tan

Organised by Artcommune Gallery , 11 Apr 2019

Chen Wen Hsi has been known to fuse western and eastern modes of painting together. In a statement by Artist Wong Keen, he said: “His Chinese painting eventually merges with Western painting. At the end, you can see some of his colourful crane paintings, which are quite abstract. If he had lived a longer life, I don’t know what he would have done – there might be more exciting, less controlled types of paintings.”

This participatory performance is designed to  allow the audience to immerse themselves, merge and “be one” with the space. The spontaneous and playful nature of this work suggest to reconceptualise  the notion of  “气” as a play on mutual expressions of spiritual resonance, where we celebrate Chen Wen Hsi’s artistic endeavour by co-creating a collaborative piece with the audience, titled  '和气' (Harmony).

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