Title: Breathing Space I
Medium: Wool on sticks
Dimensions: Variable


Installation art
National Institute of Education, Singapore

‘Breathing space’ symbolises life and living. It was designed as a woven enclosure made up of mainly wool yarn forming five woven panels, held up by five straight willow branches and suspended from the ceiling.  The idea of ‘Breathing Space’ stemmed from a private performance with  an 'invisible' object, which grew into a 'breathing space'. The idea then took me for long walks.. I took note of potential materials/objects that had the slightest connection to the ideas of ‘breath’/ ‘breathing’ and ‘space’. I noticed small holes on dried leaves, a cracked granite path and hairline cracks on a cemented wall. I observed a partially emerged root protruding from a footpath and a gaping hole on a rotten tree stump.  I then began observing my everyday environment more intently... finding ways to breathe.