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7 /8 [七/ 八]
(Work In Progress)

Performance art 

Materials: Black ink, glass containers, liquid, cloth, base sheeting

Everyday, I live my time thrice - now, in the past, and in the future, all within 7 hours, 8 in the Spring and Autumn. 7 /8 also recalls the Chinese idiom ‘七上八下’ [seven up eight down], connoting the meaning of unsettledness and uncertainty. Oscillating between two time zones, is the subjective experience of distance and transition, where time precedes and proceeds each other, all at once, as it echoes and reverberates, often leaving only fugitive impressions.
Using the material language of Chinese ink, through its residual and reconstituted states, this work draws inspirations from ways of remembering, presencing, and envisaging, in a bid to open new ways of perceiving time.

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